Get to Know Anna


Anna Farris (19)

Graduating in Spring 2017 with a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership with a focus in nonprofits.

From: Amarillo, Texas

This is my second WGS class through UC, so I entered thinking I knew what to expect. Although both classes were extremely interesting and inspiring, the amount I have learned, respect I have developed for the other students, and the level of personal growth I have attained from this class in unbelievable. I have never been in a class that I fondly looked forward to everyday, until now. Each class offered new ideas to evaluate and mull over, new authors to research, new documentaries to watch, new poets to listen to (and love). The amount of passion emitted from everyone in the room has been a driving force, helping me get through this mundane semester. Through this course, I have learned that there is not one “answer.” Whether I am trying to find the reason for a societal injustice or a personal privilege, I have learned that you will never fully understand, and that is okay. It is alright to let yourself embrace the confusion and ambiguity. It is alright to not know why, as long as you know you care.

This is the concept that has struck me the hardest and been on my mind the longest. I hope to continue my growth and keep questioning our social normality. I hope to allow myself to sit in the confusion and work with it to continue my progression as a passionate feminist.

Get to Know Anna

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