Bio: Jackson


Jackson Mattek:

20 Years Old

Born in Salina Kansas

Major: Musical Theatre

Singer, Actor, Dancer, Thinker, Feminist, Drag Queen, Reader, Science Fiction Nerd, Crocheter, Cat-Lover, Friend, Lover of Classical Music

My interest in feminism started with my mother’s introduction to me and my sexual body as nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Starting around age 9, my mother told me and gave me great reading regarding the inner-and outer workings of both sexes. I took this information, and had a chip on my shoulder to make sure everyone else in 4th grade at Heusner Elementary school knew that masturbation was okay and that many of the girls would soon be experiencing their periods for the first time, along with other information that most of the time was not asked; but I was more than happy to inform. I grew up in the Unitarian Universalist Church, which is very known for being a loving, accepting, spiritual discourse community. I don’t attend regularly because of my doubts in an all-encompassing higher power, but my attendance throughout my youth sparked my love of discussion. I have been pro-life for as long as I can remember. I love life and consider myself pro-life when it comes to fully enjoying the beauty of the universe and how lucky we are to be a coalescence of cells and chemicals that have evolved into highly intelligent beings. Not too many planets have made that possible (as I said, big sci-fi nerd); however. I am not a woman, nor do I have the capability, nor desire the capability, to bear children. Therefore I have NO idea what it feels like personally, politically, and socially to raise a child, and think it is disgusting that any male has ever said anything otherwise.

Bio: Jackson

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