When Do We Get Our Own Voice?

Sonya Renee says everything beautifully in this performance of Women Deserve Better.  We all deserve the right to our own choices with our bodies.  The people making these decisions for women’s bodies are men.  They are taking away our voice by putting laws over our bodies.  There are many reasons listed in her performance as to why a woman may not be ready for a baby.  No matter what you would personally do, you should not let your own beliefs impact the personal freedoms of others.  The heartbeat bill does not allow personal freedom; it is unconstitutional.  If a woman gets raped, incest, ectopic pregnancy, or simply isn’t ready for a baby, she should have the right to make that decision on her own beliefs and with a doctor.  The more laws put into place restricting and eliminating abortion, the more dangerous it will become for women.  If you think that because it is illegal, it will stop, you are highly mistaken.  A lot of drugs are illegal, and the drug epidemic is pretty bad right now.  Women will still have abortions, but they will be botched procedures killing and causing unnecessary harm to many of them.  Sonya Renee makes an important point in the fact that we have to be careful who we believe with advertisements.  Her example was a girl posing by the words “women deserve better”.  This ad was sponsored by a pro-life organization.  How can you say that women deserve better when you are willing to restrict personal freedoms of women and their bodies?  There are many times that people are caught up in the picture shown to the public, they miss the deeper point.  With that advertisement, they were saying women deserve better, but we are going to restrict them from getting better.  It is ads as simple as this that can distort opinions and add shame to things like abortion.  Our society makes abortion extremely taboo and attempts to shame anyone even in support of the personal freedom.  Women deserve the right of choice, the right to have their own voice.

Our society calls women who get abortions murderers, baby killers, and associate them with the equivalent of someone who would actually take a life.  The heartbeat bill has stated that women will not be able to get abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy; the same time a heartbeat is able to be heard.  Most women don’t even know they are pregnant at this point, and wouldn’t for a couple of weeks after that point.  The heartbeat bill makes no exceptions in any case of rape or incest and will rarely make exceptions for cases involving the health of the mother. These women will still reach out for abortions, just to places not certified.  Do these women not deserve better?  Do these women not deserve their own personal freedom and choice?


Many people don’t know the differences in men and women’s health care. If you ask people the differences in symptoms for heart attacks between men and women most people will answer that they didn’t even know there are different signs.  The difference in our health care for women and men is ridiculous and a huge issue.  Most medical trials are only done on male bodies because the hormonal system is easier to figure out with medications.  After these medical trials are done, only on male bodies, they give female bodies these medications with unknown side effects that can really be dangerous to women’s health.  Even though the life expectancy is about five years longer for women than it is for men, women are expected to be sicker throughout their life time than men are.  Recently, with the affordable care act some progress has been made in the hopes of a better future for women.  It used to be considered a pre-existing condition to be a woman.  You literally could not qualify for health care because you had a pre-existing condition of being female.

Fortunately, things have changed recently on this front due to the passage of the affordable care act.  There are still many disparities in health care for women that need to be changed.  One of the main reasons it is such a big deal that people do not realize the difference in signs of a heart attacks for women is that heart disease is the number one reason for death for women in the United States. Not only do these health disparities impact issues that both genders can face, but also reproductive issues specific to women.  Women should have an affordable healthy way to control their reproductive lives and most do not have access to this.  This is restricted by laws or simply by the fact that a lot of employers do not provide adequate health insurance that covers women’s needs.  There are too many unplanned pregnancies every year because of lack of access to reliable birth control.  It is an unjust system that favors the health and promotion of health of men and this needs to change.  It should be equal care for both genders (this does not mean the same care).

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Maggie Wilson

When Do We Get Our Own Voice?

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