The Choice Is Mine, Not The Government’s


The heartbeat bill is a bill that has been passed recently by the house in Ohio and is now going to the senate. It is real and it’s scary to think that the house could pass a bill that is completely unconstitutional. Unfortunately, what I think the house failed to realize by passing this bill is that women won’t stop getting abortions, they will get them illegally and many will die from their botched procedures. This was a main reason why abortion became legal in the first place, because women weren’t getting proper care from professional doctors. Not only that, but women don’t even know they are pregnant until about 6-7 weeks, to pass this heartbeat bill is practically banning abortion itself. No one will be getting abortions before the heartbeat because they won’t know they’re pregnant! This bill is not only stating that the government has a right to decide what i do with my body but that i’m also too ignorant to understand that it’s not the right choice as if the government knows better than I do. BUT I wouldn’t be a progressive activist if I didn’t understand where these heartbeat bill supporters were coming from. I get it, I don’t necessarily want people getting five abortions because they don’t use birth control and abuse the system but if we want that rape victim, that ectopic pregnancy, that underage child who didn’t know, to be able to get one, if we are to be FOR those people, then we are FOR everyone, regardless of their situation. Regardless of what brought them into that clinic they all have a story and i support them. We can’t say only those certain situations can get abortions because that’s not fair, all or nothing. So I pick all. I will always pick everyone, even if I will never get an abortion myself. It doesn’t matter what I will or will not do, it’s about those people who decided that was their choice and NOT the government’s.  I don’t mind the heartbeat supporters opinion but I do mind when it’s affecting my choice, my decision, all women’s decisions and that I mind a great deal.


The truth is…What is considered life? If we consider life to be a heartbeat why are we killing animals all over the world for our desire to eat their meat? THEY HAVE A HEARTBEAT! Animals may be less superior to humans that think the world is here to serve us, but using the heartbeat as an argument for what is considered life is therefore hypocritical. Also, we will never know what constitutes life, it could be once the baby is conceived, viable, has a heartbeat, has a soul, conception, or just the sperm in a man. The point is we have no guide book to life or what it means to have life and to regulate what constitutes that doesn’t make sense and never will. The definition of life is just an opinion and always will be. If we ask 100 people all of them will say something different.


“I would have supported her right to choose, to choose a life for herself, a path for herself, I would have died for that right, like she died for mine” -Leyla

This spoken poem is one of my favorites because of the quote above. It says everything I could possibly say in one sentence. How she captured what it means to have rights and to die for them, it’s extremely powerful and moving. I also loved the video because it comes from a place of love, she’s not saying that she’s happy about her decision but that it was her choice regardless of how she feels about it and how it was the only decision she could’ve made in that time of her life. I think we can all relate to that situation, feeling like there is only one answer and it might not be an easy one but it might be the right one at the time.

One of my friends from freshmen year of college asked me one day to take her to the clinic. I think she asked me because she knew that out of all her friends I would be the most understanding…and I was. When she came out of that building and opened up my car door I knew from that moment on the girl I once knew had died in that room. She was forever changed and I think she felt ashamed just like Leyla did. My friend did the right thing at the time but of course she will always have the “what ifs” in her head and society telling her that her decision was wrong. So when she moved out of the apartment and found herself in colorado, I knew she needed that, to get away, to find the girl I once knew. The girl who had flowers in her hair and love in her heart, the girl who got me out of a horrible situation and I will spend my entire life never knowing how to repay that, the girl who was once vibrant and happy. I hope wherever she is in the world that she found that girl I once knew because without her, the world would be a dull place.

I think all women like my friend, who made that decision, need people in there life telling them it’s okay, need videos and stories just like Leyla’s helping us realize that we have a choice. We don’t need this heartbeat bill to take away our rights and to dictate what our rights are. I need that choice, my friend needed that choice, and all women need that choice, regardless of why. I never did ask my friend why and I didn’t need to because it was irrelevant, her reason wasn’t going to change the way I viewed her. Whether she got raped or wasn’t ready it will never matter in my eyes why she got the abortion and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. Every women’s decision is valid.

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Thalia Burgio

The Choice Is Mine, Not The Government’s

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