First fetal heartbeat –  as early as six weeks into a pregnancy – without an exception for pregnancies conceived out of rape or incest. Ban abortion at 20 weeks of gestation – when a fetus can feel pain, they say. Contraceptive– a drug, device,or chemical that prevents conception” fertilization. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)–  a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama Structural violence– Structural violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals. Pro-choice– advocates believe that abortion is a women’s choice, women should not be forced to have children against their will. Pro-Life advocates believe that human personhood begins at conception and fertilized ovum or fetus has right to full moral and legal rights of personhood.

REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE involves being able to have safe and affordable birthing and parenting options; reliable, safe and affordable birth control technologies; freedom of forced sterilization and the availability of abortion.

Eugenics is the idea that we need to improve the human population by not allowing people of a lesser class or race to reproduce, thus spoiling the population with their inferior genes.

Gender and Ethnic Profiling encompass how notions about gender, race/ethnicity and other identities inform everyday understanding of health care occupations and influence how medical practitioners treat their patients.


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