Connecting The Heartbeat Bill To Shaw and Lee

Anna: Authors Susan Shaw and Janet Lee discuss “Health and Reproductive Justice” by slowly digesting the concept in its entirety. They start off Chapter 7 by discussing the current state of our society’s health and wellness situation. Here, Shaw and Lee state and explore various laws and regulations and how these issues affect the women in our society. Topics include women’s health care in the work force, availability of preventative care and STI testing, the cost of gender and ethnic profiling, and the impact of multiple industries. Shaw and Lee narrow their gaze to the multi-faceted subject of reproductive justice. They consider matters of sterilization practices, parenting options, contraceptive technologies, and finally, abortion. Each subcategory is explained through statistical data, laws that both regulate and encourage women’s choice, and rationalized opinions. Like every chapter, Shaw and Lee explain how these issues do not only affect women, but also other minorities and explore the intersectionality within.

Thalia: The fetal heartbeat bill is an anti-abortion legislation based on the assumption that life starts when there is a heartbeat. Currently, Ohio has passed the bill in the House at a 55-40 vote, which is a landslide. There have been two similar bills such as this one but both have been denied, the first was denied after it was taken to the senate and then the most recent was denied at the house. Also, North Dakota denied a law that was similar to this one. The chances for this bill passing in Ohio is looking very bleak, mainly because it doesn’t give support to victims of rape, incest, and ectopic pregnancies, etc. The senate is waiting to hear from a scholar at whether or not this bill is constitutional, which most think it isn’t. That seems to be the determining factor at whether or not this bill will or will not be passed.

Jackson; Putting it together:  Politically the arguments surrounding the heartbeat bill are mostly personal religious and moral vindication and whether or not is acceptable for lawmakers to decide things that are traditionally decided by educated, medical professionals.What better exemplifies systemic domination of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy than a legislature of majorly caucasian men imposing a personal, societally skewed viewpoint when then affected class is the women whose voices are not represented?

Connecting The Heartbeat Bill To Shaw and Lee

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